Livestock Information

Wednesday, July 29

Rabbit Entry Deadline 2:00 pm
Rabbit Tattoo Checking 3:00 pm
Rabbit Judging (Show Arena) 4:30 pm
Dairy Entry Deadline 5:00 pm
Sheep & Goat Entry Deadline 6:00 pm
Sheep Weight In (By Sheep Barn) 6:30 pm
Livestock Entry Deadline 8:00 pm


Thursday, July 30

Lamb Lead 8:30 am
Sheep Judging (by Swine Barn) 9:00 am
Dairy Judging (Show Arena) 9:00 am
Poultry Judging (Show Arena) 4:00 pm
Beef Weigh-In 6:30 pm


Friday, July 31

Goat Judging 7:30 am
Swine Weigh In 8:00 am
4-H Horse Show (Horse Arena) 8:00 am
4-H Beef Show (Show Arena) 3:30 pm


Saturday, Aug. 1

Sheriff's Posse WSCA (Horse Arena) 8:00 am
Swine Judging (Next to Swine Barn) 8:00 am
Open Class Dairy Show (Show Arena) 8:30 am
Open Class Sheep Show (Next to Swine Barn) 11:30 am
Open Class Beef Show (Show Arena) 5:00 pm


Sunday, Aug. 2

Llama Show (Show Arena) 10:30 am
Livestock Released 6:00 pm


Attention Exhibitors

In most cases, Open Class Judging follows the 4-H Judging.  Space is limited. Get livestock entries in early!